Work Party

2nd April 2022

The scheduled work party for Saturday 2nd April 2022 took place at the club house, in spite of the weather.

It was a really good turnout, considering some of our members had gone over to Shell Island for the ‘Crane -in’. There were a few heavy downpours resulting in some of us getting very wet, spirits were high and banter was rife and no-one seemed to mind getting wet anyway. A lot of the unwanted rubbish was removed and ferried up the river to be loaded up onto a trailer and dispersed to a far off county council disposal unit. There has been a large influx of small outboard engines to an already overfilled engine shed, leading to the shelving needing extending. There were also copious amounts of tea, coffee and biscuits on offer for those who needed them.

All in all, it was a good day’s work.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

Eric Arkinstall, Commodore.

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The ‘Willis Fishing Trophy’ competition 2021 was a bit of a letdown, weatherwise, it was very windy, although a couple of the bravest boats went out, they soon returned.
Only one Weaver fish was caught, but the BBQ, organised by Sue and Steve Robertson, went ahead as planned, members brought their own meat, the salad and rolls etc were supplied. It ended up being a great afternoon with loads of friendly banter.
The BBQ was well attended with members coming and going at will. No fish to BBQ and eat, but no one seemed to mind.

The club does have some sweaters, t-shirts and caps with the LPYC Logo on them. Very reasonably priced. Ask John Ball if interested.

The Llandanwg Sand Dunes have their own website
go to Dunes

Barmouth Sailor’s Institute

An interesting and histric institution and building in Barmouth.
Well worth supporting by becoming a member, only £5 a year.
They publish a news letter, provide a snooker hall and toilets and maintain historic seamans exhibits.
They also maintain the Museum “Ty Gwyn” above Davey Jones Locker, where Jasper Tudor and the future King Henry VII lay in hiding.
There is much information about wrecks in the area, including those on the causeway “Sarn Badrig”.
A book called Ty Gwyn & the Bronze Bell Wreck is for sale at Ty Gwyn.
Website for the Barmouth Sailor’s Institute is Here