HongKong Cup Race

The HongKong Cup Race is a medium length race. It is sailed over two tides around a triangular course in Tremadoc Bay. (See chart below) The race will start about 1 hour after high water and will end well before the next high water, having completed 1 lap of the course. The race always starts into wind, so the course may be sailed either clockwise or anticlockwise.

The origin of the trophy is very interesting. The three legged , two mouthed cup was a ceremonial wine “glass” and was designed way back in China’s past, probably the Shang Dynasty (c.1750 – 1150 BC) as one of a body of sacrificial wine and food vessels only used ceremonially. The award of such a vessel could be made for any success. This vessel is called a “CHEUK” (“ch” pronounced as a j) in the Cantonese dialect used in Hongkong, and it was presented to the club by a couple called, we think, David and Suzy Griffiths (We are trying to confirm this!).