Race Calendar

2022 Programme of Events

EventDateHW TimeHeight (m)Start TimeOfficer of the Day (OoD)
Annual Working Party2nd April09435.21030Steve Robertson  
LPYC Challenge14th May07364.80900Bill Stacey
Hong Kong Cup28th May07464.50900John Ball
Taki Cup11th June06164.30800Phil Bryce-Grainger
Greensleeves 118th June11544.51030John Ball
Greensleeves 219th June12514.21130John Ball
Greensleeves 32nd July10594.20930Phil Bryce-Grainger
Greensleeves 43rd July11364.11000Phil Bryce-Grainger
Greensleeves Reserve16th July10494.90915 
Greensleeves Reserve17th July11374.71015 
Pursuit race30th July10074.50845John Ball
Willis Trophy, Regatta, BBQ13th August09495.10830Eric Arkinstall
Combined Race14th August10305.10900Phil Bryce-Grainger
Criccieth Cruise27th August09124.61000Eric Arkinstall
Reserve10th Sept08515.0  
Reserve11th Sept09285.2  
Reserve24th Sept08154.4  
Reserve25th Sept08424.7  
AGM & Dinner8th October07554.7 AGM, Dinner, Laying Up
OoD to obtain a replacement if needed and to notify members in the event of a cancellation. Members wishing to take part in races should notify the OoD in advance of the event.
Bank Holidays:- 15th April, 18th April, 2nd May, 2nd June, 3rd June, 29th August